Top 11 Best Android Browsers for Fast Downloading in 2023


Downloading huge files on Android has become necessary and normal. Here are the best Android browsers that are recommended for fast downloading experience.

UC Browser

If you are looking for a browser solely for downloading purposes, this is the one to get. It may not do a lot of things right, but UC browser absolutely shines in the downloads department.

Best Browsers for Android for Fast Download UC Browser

This browser has a strong download server that resumes the download if there are any disconnections. Whenever there are any interruptions, the file rebuilds and continues from where it got stopped.

UC Browser is the fastest Android Browser, though not such fast when loading pages. If you need a browser strictly for only downloading, UC Browser is one of the good options.

Google Chrome

Chrome for Android is well-designed, has high-speed browsing power, and it’s safe and secure. Chrome also lets you sync all your devices under one account, making it easy to share information and data between them.

Best Browsers for Android for Fast Download Chrome

A good feature of Chrome for Android is the ability to spend less mobile data when you’re browsing. This feature speeds up the browsing speed since there are fewer elements to load.

This is known as Lite mode, saving up to 60% of your data while browsing by compressing text, images, videos, and even speeding up the rendering process when you visit websites.

Many users have noted a significantly faster download speed. Download pages or videos can be downloaded when connected to the internet and then accessed offline.

Firefox Browser

Firefox is not left out too. It provides decent services like background downloading of files, automatic pause, and resume of downloads in case of any network issues.

Best Browsers for Android for Fast Download Firefox

Another feature is the option to directly change the default location of the downloaded files. So, for a private, AND safe browsing experience that is very much capable of handling all kinds of downloads, Firefox is among the best options to choose from.

Brave Private Browser

What’s great about Brave for Android is that it’s built without any additional extensions or internal settings. This minimizes the size and also improves efficiency, making it a lightning-fast browser for all Android users that download it.

Best Browsers for Android for Fast Download Brave

Brave was also able to reduce the loading speed and improve the web browser performance, which leads to an increase of speed of up to 4 times faster. Consequently, Brave also helps you to save battery and data while browsing.

Opera Mini

Opera stands out from the rest of the best Android browsers with a data-saver mode that compresses videos as well as standard web pages.

Best Browsers for Android for Fast Download Opera Mini

As a result, pages load faster thanks to the reduced data, and if you don’t have one of the best unlimited data plans, you won’t exhaust your monthly data bundle as fast.

Another feature is the capability to download videos from many sites without even the need for any proxy.

Opera also offers a few variants of its browser, with this version, the Opera Mini version, more focused on saving data while browsing.

Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi comes with a built-in ad blocker, tracking protection to ease congestion in the surfing of the internet. This in turn will result in great speed and efficiency.

Best Browsers for Android for Fast Download Vivaldi

It can also auto-clean your browsing activity, creating space in the process for the activities of the download in the background.

Microsoft Edge

Though this browser was originally designed for Windows 10, it now has support for mobile platforms as well.

Best Browsers for Android for Fast Download Microsoft Edge

The browser is well optimized for better performance and faster loading and download speed.

The browser offers double the download speed of its predecessor, the Internet Explorer. This is most ideal for the users who utilize the Microsoft ecosystem or just enjoy using Microsoft products.

And this, coupled with its advanced graphical user interface, makes it highly suitable for downloading and streaming HD videos over the Internet.

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin integrates a download manager that can achieve great download speeds directly on your phone.

Best Browsers for Android for Fast Download Dolphin

It also goes the extra mile and integrates gestures. You can set these gestures according to your preference, for the most used websites in the browser. An example is setting the download sites to specified gestures for fast navigation.

Puffin Browser

One of the key features that make this app utterly fast is by shifting the workload from your device to the cloud servers. It has been hyped as the fastest browser because of the cloud technology built internally.

Best Browsers for Android for Fast Download Puffin

The notable features include

  • Cloud Servers, for insanely Fast Browser
  • 23/7 Adobe Flash Over the Cloud
  • Encrypted Packets from App to Server

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

DuckDuckGo is a mobile browser built with speed and privacy in mind. DuckDuckGo automatically blocks hidden trackers, and it even offers its own built-in search engine, with improved loading speed.

Best Browsers for Android for Fast Download DuckDuckgo

This prevention of adverts allows swift download speed without competing of the bandwidth with extra activities.

Kiwi Browser

With the combination with the WebKit, the Kiwi browser has exceptional page loading speed.

Best Browsers for Android for Fast Download Kiwi

Kiwi also brings plenty of add-ons integrated into the browser and helps improve browsing on an Android device. This reduces the speed to load the download pages when visited.

Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung made a significant improvement by releasing the Samsung Internet Browser to every Android user out there.

Best Browsers for Android for Fast Download Samsung Internet

This Browser provides a great and quick web browsing experience with the help of integrated features that don’t slow down the page loading speed or annoy the user.

Phoenix Browser

Phoenix Browser is an extremely compressed Android Web Browser, it is just 39 MB in size, and it doesn’t differ on any device. It is a popular Browser for Android, one of the fastest android browsers when it comes to downloading from torrent sites. This browser offers quick Video Downloading and Data Saving.

Best Browsers for Android for Fast Download

Phoenix Browser lets you download and save online videos easily from lots of websites. It also automatically detects downloadable Videos or Files on websites, just like XDM download manager.

Because of the policy of Google which prevents video downloads, this browser does not allow downloads from sites like YouTube and Netflix.

You can also download items through BitTorrent and Magnet. It has a download icon that informs the user whenever there are online videos that the user can download.

The smart download function makes it very convenient to download videos.


Always keep in mind that regardless of the browser you use, make sure that the application you are using is safe and secure.

Another point to take home is, you don’t always have to utilize a standalone Application for downloading like XDM or IDM for Android, you can use your browser like the phoenix to download files.

Some sites on the other hand don’t have download buttons that appear when you make use of certain Android Browsers.

Since most browsers don’t offer this feature, you have to either look for the download link or perform an action on the streaming website to access the download link. Take advantage of those that provide the button for easier ways of downloading your files.

Some browsers prevent the loading of unnecessary codes like JavaScript, CSS, or HTML Tags in the background. This feature improves the speed of your web browser and also saves data.

Though it might come with negative effects like distortion of images quality or images not being displayed totally when this feature is enabled, this very same thing allows fast downloading speed. It comes in handy when using a metered internet connection.

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