7 Best Browsers for Chromebook (Chrome Alternative) in 2023


Looking for Chrome Browser alternatives on your Chromebook? Here are the best browsers for Chrome OS.

Vivaldi browser

Vivaldi is a uniquely fast, flexible, and functional browser built on the top of the Chromium project.

Vivaldi Browser Best Browsers for Chromebook

Vivaldi packs innovative features that are useful for both regular and power users, promising faster navigation, smarter browsing, extensive tab management, clever bookmarking and shortcuts, and a more visual approach to browsing.

Vivaldi’s Quick Commands lets you search for nearly everything from bookmarks and browsing history to configuration settings and open tabs from the same place.

The keyboard shortcuts for various commands/tasks are also displayed alongside the search results.

Speed Dial helps you access your favorite sites via visual bookmarks. You can create and name speed-dial folders or groups based on site categories or your interests.

Vivaldi introduced the ‘Fast Forward’ and “Rewind” buttons for speedier navigation between pages. Fast Forward helps you navigate to the following page of the webpage you are on. Rewind takes you back to the first page you visited on a particular website or domain.

With Vivaldi Notes, you no longer require a third-party note-taking app.

Web Panels in Vivaldi allow users to dock a web page in a panel on either side of the main window, and its size can be adjusted as per the user’s requirements.

Vivaldi allows users to save a string of opened tabs as a Session, which can be named and opened in the future.

The Visual Tabs give you a glance at the open tabs when you hover over the tab, which is also possible when you click on the line between the tabs and the address bar.

Vivaldi also lets you stack the tabs you want to open, suitable for the user who prefers to see fewer tabs on the tab bar

Tab Tiling in Vivaldi lets you view two or more pages simultaneously.

Trash Can in Vivaldi is a tab management feature that helps you restore closed tabs or blocked pop-ups quickly.

Another feature is that each bookmark can be assigned a nickname for faster access.

Finally, the Vivaldi browser’s interface can be adapted and customized to your needs or choice.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most secure and private browsers.

Mozilla Firefox Best Browsers for Chromebook

With a Firefox Account, you can choose to save your bookmarks, account passwords for various websites, browsing history across devices, a handy feature when you reinstall the operating system or use your Firefox browser on another system.

Use reading (and listening) mode and enjoy web content in a better way.

Use Firefox Relay to prevent email exploitation, which allows you to use “permanent fake email addresses”.

Take advantage of Pocket to save interesting articles from the web, if you want to go through them later.

Use Multi Picture-in-Picture Mode to continue working on other tabs while watching a video on the same page.

Firefox introduced containers to help keep the browsing sessions separate while enhancing privacy.

Microsoft Edge

On Microsoft Edge, you have the ability to set up multiple profiles designed to help you share the browser with other users without sharing your information or preferences. This feature comes in handy when you want to keep your personal and work stuff separate.

Microsoft Edge Best Browsers for Chromebook

Tracking prevention is a feature designed to prevent online trackers and will try to block online trackers based on your configuration.

“Collections” is another useful feature that allows you to collect any stuff from the web and organize them into lists.

Save money when shopping online. This works automatically when using Bing as the default search engine, and if enabled, you will receive an alert when an offer is available.

Microsoft Edge also includes a fully-featured screen capture tool that allows taking screenshots of pages without the need for third-party applications.

The browser also includes a password generator that can suggest strong passwords when setting up an online account for an online service or when you have to update an account. If you choose to use the suggestion, the browser will save and sync the information across your devices.

The immersive reader is another feature that removes the clutter with one click, allowing you to focus on the content. This feature includes tools to help you improve the reading experience, including line focus, picture dictionaries, grammar tools, text preferences, and reading aloud.

Brave Browser

It integrates with WebTorrent natively to allow users to stream torrent files directly in the browser. The option is enabled by default, too.

Brave Browser Best Browsers for Chromebook

Brave has launched Talk, their own take on video calling and conferencing. Brave ensures that the chats are encrypted, and no data will be collected.

Another striking feature that makes rBave stand out is Basic Attention Token (BAT). This is how Brave rewards users for viewing up to ten ads a day, and it is optional to activate it.

The brave browser supports DuckDuckGo, a privacy-centric search engine, and has also integrated TOR. The onion router browser is largely considered to be the most secure and private browser.

Other features include a brave search engine, which Brave claims searches are not tracked and activities leave no trace whatsoever

Brave sync is another feature where instead of relying on email or user ID to sync data across platforms, the Brave browser offers a 24-word seed phrase associated with your wallet. It borrows the technology from crypto wallets that work on a blockchain.

 Brave Shields comes in handy when dealing with scripts running in the background. Some of them collect data, while others autoplay videos.

The Brave browser’s native Crypto wallet integrates with MetaMask.

There are also widgets connecting the browser to popular centralized exchanges like Binance and FTX.

Using a combination of the wallet and Brave’s integration with DeFi, centralized exchanges, and dapps, you can now buy, sell, trade, and stake cryptocurrencies and more, all from a single browser and wallet.

Opera Browser

Opera has a built-in VPN that you can find under the Settings menu. This feature is enabled by default, and you just need to click the VPN button within the address bar to activate it.

Opera Browser Best Browsers for Chromebook

The browser also allows you to disable ads on any website. No additional extension is required since Opera has a built-in ad blocker to handle it. You can even make a custom block list and manage exceptions.

Activate the battery saver feature in Opera to turn off activities running in the background. This in turn limits the amount of battery consumption of the browser.

The browser also has a unique Pop-out video feature to enable you to see the video while reading some comments on YouTube and other video-sharing sites. Your video will be displayed in a tiny pop-up window.

You can fully customize the keyboard shortcut to change the default shortcuts to the ones you prefer to default to.

Opera Turbo is built-in data compression of Opera. If you enable this feature, Opera will download limited data to enable you to save your internet quote, but it only works on unencrypted websites (HTTP).

Personal news allows you to read the news digest based on your interest from your selected list of news websites.

Ghostery Browser

Important features include:

HTTPS-Only Mode ensures that all communications made with the Ghostery Browsers are done over TLS (HTTPS), a secure and encrypted form of communication that is a much safer protocol.

Ghostery Best Browsers for Chromebook

Tracker Cloaking Protection is an advanced privacy setting to unmask and block the cloaked trackers.

Referrer Data Leakage Protection is an advanced privacy setting. Ghostery protects against data leakage with a method called referrer trimming, which strips out this personal information before the URL can be sent to a third-party tracker.

Redirect Tracking Protection is a technology built by Firefox that clears cookies from known trackers once every 24 hours, making it harder for these technologies to build a long-term profile using your browsing history.

The Microphone/Camera Mute Switch is an advanced privacy setting offered in Ghostery Dawn. It makes it very easy to turn off the microphone and camera when the browser is asking you for access, like during a video conference call.

It also has a private browsing mode (Ghost mode) and a private search engine. On top of that, Ghostery Dawn employs technology that actively shields your data from trackers.

(1) tracker-blocking, which stops trackers from being planted on the sites you visit,

(2) anti-tracking, which anonymizes the personally identifiable information should any trackers get through.

Torch Browser

This is the best alternative for individuals who like downloading heavy materials from the internet.

Torch Browser Best Browsers for Chromebook

You can download videos and audio from the internet with a single click. There is no need for any third-party software, converters, or extensions, just one button to grab it all.

A built-in Torrent Manager, Torch Torrent, is superfast and easy to use, making torrent downloading a breeze.

You are even able to play your videos before they have finished downloading in a brilliantly designed player. Enjoy the ultimate viewing experience with a Torch Player.

Listen to the music you love with people like you on Torch Music. This brings free unlimited music in your browser and on your devices too.

Torch Games brings playtime to your browser, tons of free games for you, no loading,

no downloads, just fun. Try the Torch Games to access thousands of free apps.


Although Chromebook has the best browser, Google Chrome, over time it can get boring.

Many people prefer to use their default browser. However, you need to ask if your browser is compromising your online privacy and security. Your web browser is your gateway to the internet. And with internet crime on the rise, one needs to be very particular when choosing a browser.

Now it’s your turn to pick between all the suggested above and use the browser that suits your needs and desires.

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