11 Best Browsers for macOS in 2023 (Safari Mac Alternatives)


Looking for Safari alternatives for your Mac? Here are some of the best browsers for macOS in 2023.

While Apple’s default browser definitely is not the worst by any means, there are so many great choices for Mac users out there. Here are some of the best Safari alternatives for Mac.


This web browser has taken the unusual step of blocking ads by default, which makes everything superfast (3x to 6x faster, according to Brave’s head-to-head test with Chrome).

Best Browsers for macOS Brave Browser

It also makes switching browsers a cinch thanks to its import option. During the welcome stage, you can import all of your settings and bookmarks from your old browser.

Secure browsing is prioritized, with phishing and malware consistently blocked, and dodgy plugins disabled from the outset.

There’s no user tracking; Brave’s servers don’t see or store your browsing data.


  • Your privacy and security are non-negotiable. HTTPS is everywhere, and ‘no tracking’ comes as standard.
  • Faster and less intrusive than other browsers.
  • Provides an alternative ad network, allowing you to support the content creators and websites you love.


  • Built on the Chromium browser engine, exposing it to some of the same security threats as Chrome.
  • Some Mac users report issues of compatibility with certain websites.


Firefox is updated very frequently, with specific vulnerabilities generally fixed within a day or two of being discovered.

Best Browsers for macOS Firefox

Firefox for Mac uses Google Safe Browsing to protect users from malicious websites and cybercriminals. Additionally, the privacy controls give you detailed control over what trackers and cookies to allow.

A Master password is used to protect all passwords, which has to be enabled by default, leaving your passwords unprotected from anyone with physical access, if you don’t.

There are plenty of options for customization, as you can add countless themes and move almost every button and UI element to whatever location you prefer.

The cross-device synchronization is excellent and allows you to move your entire browsing experience seamlessly between your Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

The included screen capture tool is incredibly handy for capturing long webpages, as it’s not limited to what’s currently on the screen, like the screenshot tool included in the OS.

Though there are not a lot of features baked into the browser, it has an extensive library of add-ons, second only to that of Chrome.

With RAM consumption quite high, it becomes comparatively low when lots of tabs are open, you can hibernate tabs to improve performance.

Mozilla is a nonprofit organization, it has little incentive to collect user data, as they don’t need to sell personal information or serve ads to fund development, except for some minor information collected for development purposes, but can be disabled by the user.


  • You can set the default search engine.
  • Utilizes a horizontal scrollbar feature to make tab management a pain-free process.


  • The master password is no replacement for installing the best password manager.

Tor Browser

This browser connects users to Tor (The Onion Router). Tor is a software and open network designed to make tracking someone’s browsing habits extremely difficult by routing traffic through many anonymous servers.

Best Browsers for macOS Tor Browser

It wraps data in layers of encryption and even though Tor has a reputation for providing access to the dark web, there are several legitimate reasons why people use it, which might include:

  • Some journalists and activists avoid detection while researching stories or spreading their message.
  • Citizens of countries with repressive regimes get around strict censorship laws.


  • Protects against tracking, surveillance, and censorship
  • Secures traffic against insecure wireless networks and ISPs
  • Option to block scripts and automatically clear cookies


  • It can be very slow, caused by bouncing your traffic across various servers to avoid tracking
  • It’s also not the best option for streaming

Google Chrome

Chrome’s greatest strength is its positively huge library of extensions. Thousands upon thousands of applications are available for download, covering every use case, from note-taking and virus protection to ad blocking and security extensions.

Best Browsers for macOS Chrome

The cross-device synchronization is excellent and easy to set up. Just sign in with your Google account, and Chrome handles the rest. This does hand significant amounts of information to Google, though.

It collects data and stores all sorts of information about its users. Although Google claims that it doesn’t sell that said information, it readily admits that it uses it to personalize and optimize ads. Google does, however, offer a way to clear user data.

Security is good, as Google frequently updates Chrome and quickly patches security holes as soon as they’re discovered. Google Safe Browsing is enabled by default, which protects against malicious websites. The HTTP warning is also good, as it clearly states when your connection is not secure.


Though it uses the same HTML Rendering engine as Chrome, it still has covered all the features that are not in the list of other browsers’ characteristics.

Best Browsers for macOS Vivaldi

It has a unique tab system, which is referred to as “Stack.” It also creates notes about every site that you browse. These notes appear when you visit that site.

This browser offers various security features which protect you from hackers and unwanted ads. A very clean and simple interface, and awesome tab management, helps in hassle-free browsing. Using the browser, you can easily enjoy your favorite application and website without any delay.


  • Lack of an iOS version


Starting with a built-in ad-blocker and VPN, Bitcoin wallet, in-browser messaging, and light and dark settings, the Opera web browser sets the tone from the get-go. Opera is fast and compatible with Chrome’s add-on library.

Best Browsers for macOS Opera

Gamers can check out Opera GX, which is geared for gamers and supports Twitch and Razer Chroma. An added feature, Flow, allows users to share messages or links from Opera on the phone to Opera on a PC.

Opera aims to ensure that the new R5 version is an all-in-one browser for as many people as possible. Recently integrated into Google Chromebooks, giving owners and prospective students more alternatives.

Opera also has a handy power-saving mode, in which when downloads are slow, the laptop battery will not die.

By including a free VPN, Opera effortlessly helps shield your browsing habits and blocks against cryptocurrency mining. Similarly, Opera includes built-in ad-blocking to remove ads that can slow down page load times. This ensures that Opera remains fast without having to worry about adding an excess number of extensions.

Messaging services like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram are all integrated into a sidebar on the left side of the Opera window.

Opera also offers a beautiful mobile app, Opera Turbo, on both Android and iOS that can easily sync bookmarks, open tabs, and more. Using Opera on Mac means adding all of Safari’s best features plus a whole host of features you never knew you needed.

The browser tools in Opera also filter out the website with phishing & malware, keeping your info private and confidential than ever.


Yandex has a similar interface to Microsoft Edge, but also offers the following:

Best Browsers for macOS Yandex
  • An inbuilt manager that takes care of your passwords and payment details.
  • A simple interface with the settings section divided into other sections neatly, making it very easy to find and select an option.
  • One-click download feature which lets the user download video, images, articles, and other stuff from the internet.
  • This Mac web browser is the fastest because of its Turbo mode feature. This feature lets the user enjoy a stable speed while browsing. If the speed drops while browsing, the turbo mode is activated and keeps the speed stable.

Microsoft Edge

The original Edge browser used the company’s in-house EdgeHTML engine and really couldn’t compete with Chrome. Microsoft scrapped its proprietary engine in early 2020 and chose Chromium instead, the browser foundation used in Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, Brave, and more.

Best Browsers for macOS Edge

Now, Microsoft Edge is available on most platforms, and on macOS, Chrome and Microsoft Edge were nearly identical in performance.


  • Synchronizes across devices
  • Includes a PDF viewer                      


  • Lacks a version for Linux
  • Collects your browser history and data like Device ID, Browsing history, and Diagnostics


  • Stack tabs vertically
  • Groups websites into Collections
  • Supports Dolby Audio and 4K


The Mac-only browser Camino has a much better user interface for Mac users than Chrome or Firefox.

Best Browsers for macOS Camino Browser

It has many new features in its latest update like Annoyance Blocking, Malware protection, and Pop-up Blocking.


  • The browser has a scrollable tab bar that you can scroll or expand. You can adjust the tab bar as per requirements.
  • Using the browser, you can easily restrict unwanted ads and pop-ups. You can adjust for which site you want to view the ads and for which site you want to restrict.
  • It protects the Mac from malware and other threats. Now if you have this browser then you don’t have to have dedicated software like antivirus or anti-malware to protect your system.
  • Open-source
  • It is much like Firefox, just with the more Apple-friendly edge.


  • The company no longer develops this browser further, but you can still download the last updated version.


It comes with a unique design and is based on the Chromium project, thus supporting every extension of the Google Chrome web store.

Best Browsers for macOS Torch Browser

It also has features like Torch music, Video Download, Torrent support, and many themes available.

A few of the segments Torch includes are Torch Torrent, Torch Player, Torch Music, Games, and Facelift.

Apart from browsing through websites, Torch gives you the liberty to share websites via social media networks. It also lets you use the built-in Torch Torrent and download content.


Apt for seamless browsing, Maxthon is a Multi-platform web browser for Mac users. With many cloud-assimilated features like syncing, sharing, and managing files, Maxthon has been a very powerful browser.

Best Browsers for macOS Maxthon

Best for those who want Chrome extensions but don’t want to use Chrome.

The lesser-known browsers are also worth giving a try. You can go for Chrome, Edge, or Firefox if you prefer the big names. But Vivaldi and Torch are also worth giving a try if you crave features more than the brand name. Brave is the one sailing solely on the privacy boat.


What are the best browsers for macOS?

Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox work great on macOS. They each have their own pros and cons. But you can’t go wrong with either of these.

Which is the safest browser for macOS?

Tor is the recommended browser if you want complete anonymity when you browse the web. But Safari, Firefox, and Brave also come with a good set of privacy features.

What is the recommended browser for macOS?

The built-in Apple Safari for macOS is recommended. It integrates well with the Apple Ecosystem. It has its own flaws and the latest version will take some time to get used to. Besides that, Google Chrome and Firefox are also recommeded.

Which is the fastest browser for macOS?

Apple Safari is the fastest browser for macOS. It’s clean, minimalist, and works for most people. Besides Safari, Chrome also works great on macOS.

Is Chrome better than Safari on macOS?

Yes. At this point, Google Chrome is a product of years of expertise and user feedback. It is more polished and a better product as a whole.

Is Firefox better than Safari on macOS?

Firefox is a great browser with a lot of plug-ins and built-in privacy features. Safari has changed a lot in recent versions which can be quite confusing to users. But it works well with Apple Ecosystem. Based on your use case, both browsers work quite well on macOS.

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