9+ Best Opera Browser Add-ons and Extensions in 2023


Here are some of the best Opera add-ons to get the most out of your browser.

There are a lot of free add-ons and extensions for the Opera web browser. The browser has its own Opera add-ons store, where you can search and browse browser extensions by categories.

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There is also an option to install Chrome extensions, allowing you to take advantage of extensions that might not be available in the main store.

The Opera browser allows the installation of extensions to extend its functionality. There are a variety of extensions depending on what the user uses most.

Opera browser is based on the chromium engine. This gives the browser the alternative to allow clients to use the Chrome browser add-ons on the Opera browser.

Some of them are free, and others provide in-purchase service, where you have to purchase some additional features to have a full experience of the extension.

The Opera extension store has plenty of add-ons to give you access to many features to personalize your browsing experience, and improve browser performance, too.

Google Translate Extension

This is a great extension for writers and also vivid readers who search for information beyond the native language they understand. This also plays a big role when working with many foreign languages.

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You are no longer limited to copying and pasting texts into language translation websites and tools. To translate a text or a page into another language, you just have to highlight the target text, and tap on the extension, or you have the option to translate the whole page if you want to.

The extension, too, has the capability to detect if the page visited is not written in the default language you have set on the Opera browser. It will then go ahead and suggest if you want the page to get translated.

You just agree with the prompt to convert to the default language, and the page will refresh with now the language you want to engage in. This in turn saves a lot of time going back and forth when dealing with more than one language on the browser.


This is an award-winning password management extension that helps when logging in to websites without filling in your information. The extension remembers the saved login data, like the usernames and passwords.

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It also allows syncing all the data across different devices to allow accessing sites from anywhere, you log in with your credentials with the same LastPass extension details. All the info is stored locally on the device to limit any data exposures, and this increases security, unlike those that store the details on their servers.

Download the extension, and create an account online. The master password should be a strong and complicated one.

This is because the extension will now be the only step you take to access all the saved websites. On the saved website, when you revisit the site, a pop-up of LastPass will be displayed in the login field. Select the credentials and the LastPass extension will complete the missing information.

Evernote Web Clipper

The Evernote web clipper is used to organize webpages by clipping them. This comes in handy when very many web pages have been opened and the navigation is now becoming a problem.

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You have the option to clip articles, full pages, bookmarks, and screenshots, not excluding general ideas, and keep them all in one account. The saved items are stored in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere.

This extension can also be used to share anything on the internet, and it is fast and easy. There is an option to create reminders for clipped notes. The efficiency extends to the capability the extension itself is suggesting from the stored clips when you search for something that had been saved earlier.

Boomerang for Gmail™

This extension is used to schedule emails to be sent or received at a later time in the future. This helps to organize emails, by bringing up specific emails at a specific time. It also has a reminder feature that helps with alerts for unreceived emails.

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It also helps to know if the “sent” email has been read, and schedule to send the email in the future even when you are offline. This is important, especially if communications are taking place with people from different time zones. 

The extension has many features, even the likes of scheduling birthday email alerts. This, however, might not be available to free versions of the extensions, but the purchase of additional capabilities is available only on the paid options, that have trials of a 30-day period.

Web of Trust

It helps to browse the web safely, by displaying colored lights next to each search result. This will then allow the clients to make an informed decision, about whether they will choose to visit the page or not.

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The green light is for trusted websites, the yellow needs some caution when visiting the website, and the red light warns about the potential threats that might be found on the particular site.

The ratings are open source and are verified by a community of millions of users who make the ratings on the website depending on their personal experiences.

There is a warning alert pop-up when you visit a site with a low reputation, with an option to proceed or to go back to safety. You also have the option to use the WOT scorecards to check on reviews or any website you want to access. The other option is to use Real-time Protection, which actively notifies of potential online threats, and the manual mode option.

Todoist for Opera

This extension is used to track browsing activities by breaking them down into sub-tasks.  You create a to-do list in the browser to get organized in your daily routine. You are able to change the tasks’ status of your progress and even set reminders.

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You can integrate the activities in a to-do list with other apps like Google Drive, Evernote, slack, and Dropbox.

Here are some of the tasks that you can perform with the to-do list extension.

  • Track activity progress by getting a clear view of every activity
  • Prioritize tasks with levels, and always know what to do next
  • Remember deadlines by using reminders and due dates
  • Capture ideas that come to mind
  • Collaborate on projects by assigning tasks to a team for the entire team to stay on the same page

Grammar and Spell Checker – LanguageTool

This is a grammar checker extension used to check grammar and spelling errors in a document. It also assists with style suggestions to improve writing. It instantly analyzes texts as you type in a document.

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It is also important to mention that you can use it even on social media platforms like Twitter, Gmail, and the like.

The grammar and spelling correction works on commonly spoken languages and is able to distinguish even almost similar languages, like all English dialects, German, and its dialects, not excluding Arabic, Greek, Japanese, and Spanish, to name a few. This is far much superior to other similar tools like ProWritingAid, Grammarly, and Quillbot.

You can also build a personal dictionary for uncommon words not available in the conventional dictionary, and when saved, it will recognize those particular words for future grammar checking and proofreading.

It is also secure to use, as it doesn’t collect or store IP Addresses, or any personal details, and doesn’t require an account to be functional.

Magic Actions for YouTube™

The extensions add some functionality to YouTube beyond the defaults already put in place by the YouTube site. You can set the default to the highest resolution as long as the network you are connected to is able to handle it, and the clip you are watching supports the definition. It also has the capability to loop several media files, so that they can play in repetition.

Best Opera Browser Add ons 9

Some other functionalities include

  • Volume control
  • Display mode,
  • Snapshot feature
  • Changing the theme to dark mode
  • Viewing and deleting watch history
  • Stopping Autoplay, among others.


This extension is used to save webpages, containing articles and even videos for later reference. All the saved contents are saved in one place and can be accessed through any device as long as you install the add-on or the actual application you are using on the mobile device.

Best Opera Browser Add ons 10

This eliminates the steps you might have to take when emailing yourself some articles. It becomes as easy as saving a bookmark on a device with just one click to save the page. The add-on is free and is compatible with all devices. The content can also be accessed offline.

Amazon for Opera

This is the Amazon official extension for the browser. This extension helps to compare prices when shopping on other platforms online. You get alerts on new deals every day, exclusive offers, and personalized recommendations.

Best Opera Browser Add ons 11

The extension also shows a 30-day period price of a product. The user interface is also user-friendly, and functional even when you are on other shopping sites. It is easy to add your favorite items to the wish list without the need to visit the actual Amazon home page.

When it comes to alerts, you also get notifications in the browser when you have orders shipping and delivering.


This extension is used to block all types of ads on all the web pages on the browser, allowing the webpage to load faster, and save bandwidth.

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It also blocks third-party trackers, blocks spyware, adware, and dialer installers. It also gives protection from malware and phishing attackers on the internet.


Opera browser is used by more than two hundred million users worldwide. It is lightweight, and this means it won’t consume a lot of resources on the device.

That said, not all add-ons are a must for every individual. Some might be more important than others.

Some, however, are not free, but they are worth the price. If you want the free ones, you also have the option to choose from the plethora of available add-ons on the extension store.

Add-ons enhance browser functionality by providing features not available on the browser.

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