How to Enable or Disable Google Search Dark Mode?


Want to browse the Google search engine in dark mode? It’s now officially supported! Here’s how to activate Google Search dark mode.

Google has just launched its dark mode theme for their Google search pages on desktop. The search giant has announced that the dark mode theme will be available for search pages, Google homepage, Google search result page, and on the search settings page.

With this latest update, users will have three choices in appearance settings. Either way, you can choose to keep the appearance settings of Google search synced with your computer’s default theme.

Or else you can opt for light text on a dark background which is a dark mode. Or you can opt for the third option which includes dark text on the light background, which is a light mode. Light mode is also considered a default theme.

Enabling the Dark Theme on the Google Homepage on a Browser

Navigate to the “” page.

Select the “Settings” option located at the bottom-right-hand side of the page

A pop-up menu will appear, and you will be presented with the “Dark theme: off” option, on “Dark theme: On” depending on the state of the device theme at that moment.

Enable Dark Mode Google Search

Click on it and the changes will take effect instantly.

Alternatively, select the first option, labeled “Search settings”.

Enable Dark Mode Google Search 2

Navigate to the Appearance option. Click on it and select either the dark mode option.

Click on Save, to confirm the changes.

Enable Dark Mode Google Search 3

If your device is running on dark mode, or if you want the browser to be in dark mode when your device is running in dark mode, you can choose the ‘Device default‘ option.

If you choose the Device default, the Google theme changes itself too depending on whether the dark mode is enabled or the light mode is in use instead on the device, and this applies to other devices too including iPhone, iPad, and Windows.

However, sometimes it might also seem to have a mind of its own, which can present a somewhat jarring contrast when the general operating system is bright white but the Google window theme is dark black.

To disable dark mode, select the “Light Theme” option.

Enabling the Dark Theme from the Google Search Results Page

From, click the gear icon in the corner of the screen.

Enable Dark Mode Google Search 4

Choose “Dark Theme Off” or “Dark Theme On” to toggle the dark mode theme for Google to your desired setting.

Enable Dark Mode Google Search 5

The setting takes effect immediately, and you’ll notice the Google theme switches from dark mode to light mode appearances right away.

Google Search Dark Mode

You also have an option to use the Device default option. This will allow the browser to adapt to the system’s current theme settings.

Also, alternatively on the search page, after searching for a search term on the web page, you will be presented with the gear icon on top of the page at the right corner.

Click on it and a Quick Settings menu will appear.

Tap on the “See all Settings” page that opens, in the left sidebar, then click on “Appearance.” You will be directed to the same page of the above settings.

Click on the Appearance option, and select among the options according to your preference. Click on the Save button to confirm.

And that’s it. Google Search’s dark mode is now activated, and you will notice the Google homepage and the search result pages are all dark now.

If you accidentally enable dark mode on your Google search page, below are a few simple steps on how to disable the dark mode.

  1. Click the same gear icon next to your profile image.
  2. Click Dark theme: On.
  3. Clicking the Dark theme: On link disables dark mode on search pages. You can click the same link again to enable dark mode.

Turn On Dark Mode on Google Search on Mobile

To enable Google Search’s dark mode on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone:

  1. First, launch either Chrome or Safari on your phone. Then access the Google homepage site.
  2. On the homepage site, in the top-left corner, tap the three horizontal lines.
  3. In the menu that opens, tap “Settings.”
  4. You’ll land on a “Settings” page. Here, navigate down to the “Theme” option.
  5. A menu with options will be displayed on the next page.
  6. Either select the Dark option or the System default, depending on your current theme settings.

Click on the back arrow, and you will now be on Google’s homepage with dark mode activated.

For an iPhone or iPad, tap the same three-dot menu and open Settings, then scroll down to the Theme section, and select Device or Dark to change the theme.

Enjoy using your favorite search engine on a dark interface!

Alternatively, there are two other ways that you can use to change to dark or light mode in the browser.

Changing your Colors on Windows 10 and 11

To enable dark mode, navigate to Settings > Personalization > Colors, then open the drop-down menu for “Choose your color” and pick Dark. Dark (and Light) mode changes the look of the Windows Start menu and built-in apps.

Enable Windows Dark Mode

You can also choose Custom if you want to mix and match color themes. For example, you can choose to put the Start Menu and taskbar in dark mode, but keep default apps under the default light theme.

Some third-party apps also now support Windows 10 dark mode, so color changes will apply there, too. And you don’t have to stop here. You can enable dark mode on your web browser and your favorite mobile apps.

But the choice is ultimately up to you – There are five different ways that will allow you to make the switch from Light mode to Dark mode and vice versa:

  • Change between Light and Dark mode via Settings
  • Change between Light and Dark mode via the Registry Editor (at an App level)
  • Change between Light and Dark mode via the Registry Editor (at a System level)
  • Change between Light and Dark mode via PowerShell (at an App level)
  • Change between Light and Dark mode via PowerShell (at a System level)

Browser Extensions to Enable Dark Mode on the Websites You Visit

There are many advantages of using add-ons to change to dark or light mode. You can even basically invert colors, but you can customize things a little on a per-site basis. You can also create a list of sites that you don’t want to be affected and include them on a custom list.

The extensions let you customize the darkness, besides offering you the ability to turn off the dark theme. You can adjust brightness and contrast. You can even enable sepia and dark grayscale.

Further, you can even add websites to the whitelist and blacklist, and scheduling of the dark mode. Some of them offer settings to let you use them in incognito mode too.

Some of the common extensions include:

  • Dark Reader
  • Luna Reader
  • Midnight Lizard
  • Dark Mode
  • Dark Night Mode
  • Turn Off the Lights


Enabling Dark Mode is a great choice if you want to reduce eye strain, and it’s also useful for improving the battery life of your device, more so if you’re using a laptop, Ultrabook, etc.

All in all, the dark mode is essential for the user who usually prefers serving the web in low light conditions, the dark mode reduces the harmful blue ratio from the screen to avoid stress on users’ eyes.

Enabling dark mode with Google search isn’t new – it’s been available since 2021. However, the company is slowly rolling out an even darker theme to replace the existing one.

Dark themes are everywhere, from iOS and Android to Windows 11 and macOS, alongside many third-party apps, but Google had been late to the dark mode party for its website, with its result page sticking with the white color scheme that’s been there since its launch in 1997. Meanwhile, Google Chrome has had dark themes readily available since 2019.

Whether dark mode has substantial health or productivity benefits is a topic of constant debate. While every dark mode enthusiast will list benefits like reduced eye strain, better concentration, and better sleep when using devices into the night, some studies report that none of those factors are affected too much by dark mode, and you probably shouldn’t worry about it at all.

Dark mode is often lauded as a smart health move, but most of us just like the aesthetic of darker apps and browsers.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. If you find yourself straining to read your screen at night, give the dark mode a chance. Or, if you’ve been having trouble falling asleep after using your phone at night, give it a try and see if it makes a difference.

Enjoy using your favorite search engine on a dark interface!

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