How to Bookmark and Manage Bookmarks in Chrome iOS?


Here’s how to efficiently manage bookmarks on Chrome for iOS.

What is a bookmark?

A bookmark is a shortened form of the URL we would like to save for future reference. This saves us a lot of trouble trying to remember an address of one of many websites we visit, whether they are the favorites or a webpage we just visited for the first time.

How to save bookmarks in chrome iOS

  • Launch the Chrome browser on your iPhone
  • Visit the particular website you want to bookmark if you are not already on that page.
    (you can either search the page using the related keywords or you can use the URL if you know the URL off head) then hit ENTER.
  • In the top right corner of the browser, tap on the three dots to open the main menu.
  • An extended menu will appear, tap on the star icon among the displayed icons. Tapping on the icon will now bookmark that particular page automatically, and you will most likely see a pop-up notification stating that the page has been bookmarked.
  • The star icon will be changed to blue in color to indicate that it is already a bookmark when you reopen the menu, or visit the page again.

How to Edit a Bookmark in Chrome iOS

  • Open the Chrome browser on the iOS device
  • Navigate to the bookmarks’ menu on the Home Screen page
  • Go to the bookmarks location
  • Tap on the “Edit” command button
  • Choose the particular bookmark you want to edit.
  • Tap on “More…” command option to open extended menu
  • Tap on the “Edit Bookmark” option from the submenu

The “Edit bookmark page” allows moving the bookmarks from one folder to another folder, and even sorting them on the “Edit’ page.

How to Delete Bookmarks in Chrome iOS

Deleting the bookmarks has never been easier on Chrome iOS, even though it is not a direct select-and-delete step. To do so, follow the guide steps below.

  • Launch the Chrome browser app
  • Go to the bookmarks’ menu on the homepage screen
  • Navigate to the bookmarks location
  • Tap on the “Edit” button.
  • Select the particular bookmark, and choose the “Delete” option.

(Here also you have the option to select more than one bookmark and delete them all at once)

N/B: Deleting the bookmarks on the iOS device will also remove it from the linked Chrome computer bookmarks.

Open Bookmarks as Incognito Tab in Chrome iOS

The regular bookmarks are also accessible in incognito mode. You are never prevented from opening a bookmark you saved in the regular browsing mode just because you want to switch to the private mode in the browser.

To access the bookmarks in incognito mode, follow the steps below.

  • Open the Google Chrome app on the iPhone
  • Navigate to the bookmarks’ location on the device
  • Tap and hold the desired bookmark to access additional pop-up menu
  • Select the “Open in New Incognito Tab” option.

The bookmark will now open in the incognito tab of the Chrome browser.

How to Access Bookmarks in Chrome iOS

The save bookmarks are always located in a specific location within the browser. To get access to them, follow the steps below.

  • Launch the Chrome browser on your device
  • Go to the bookmarks tab
  • Navigate to the bookmarks’ location
  • Tap and hold the particular bookmark from the list
  • Now choose the “Open in New Tab” option to launch the bookmark in a new tab of the Chrome browser.

You also have the option to select multiple bookmarks and launch them in the new tab at once.

How to Import Bookmarks to Google Chrome iOS

In this example, we will have to use Safari and Chrome for the iOS, since safari is the default browser in the iOS devices.

How to import using the Windows PC.

  • Open the Settings APP on the iPhone
  • Tap on your profile
  • Click on the iCloud, then toggle the switch for the safari browser to activate.
  • Download and install the iCloud Bookmarks extension on the Chrome browser.
  • Next, install the iCloud for windows on the PC.
  • Sign in to the iCloud app using the Apple ID.
  • Now it is time to import bookmarks into the Chrome browser.
  • Sign in and click on the Options button next to Bookmarks
  • Select Chrome, and then click on Apply.
  • Go back into Chrome and click on the iCloud Bookmarks extension.

The bookmarks should now be in sync with the iCloud, and are now downloaded to the PC.

  • Launch Chrome browser on your iPhone and sign in to the same google account on the PC. The bookmarks should now be synced automatically between the devices.

How to import using macOS.

  • On an iOS device, tap on the profile within the settings app.
  • Tap on the iCloud and ensure the toggle on the far right of the iCloud is turned on.
  • On the mac device, open the Apple menu.
  • Click on the preferences
  • Click on the iCloud
  • The box next to safari should be checked.
  • Download and install the Chrome browser on the mac.
  • Sign in with the same google account used in Chrome iOS.
  • Open the chrome menu and navigate to the Settings option.
  • On the “People” option, click on the import bookmarks and settings option.
  • Choose the safari option from the drop-down menu.
  • Check the box next to “Favorites/Bookmarks” then click on import button.

Now, launch the Chrome browser on the iPhone, and sign in with the same google account.

The bookmarks will now be synced and should now be available on the iOS device.

How to Add Chrome Bookmarks to iPhone Home Screen.

The third-party browsers like Chrome and Firefox have multiple limitations like being able to add web page bookmarks to your home screen, unlike its default Safari browser. To do so, we will have to utilize the “Shortcut app” that comes pre-installed on iOS on the latest versions.

  • Launch the “Shortcuts” on your iOS.
  • Navigate to the “My Shortcuts” section in the app
  • Tap on the “+“ icon in the top right corner of the screen
  • Tap on the “Add Action”
  • Type in Safari in the search bar and scroll down to the “Actions” category
  • Click on the “Open Links” option
  • Tap on the “URL” box, Type in “googlechromes://” and enter the URL of the Chrome bookmark you want to add
  • Tap on the three dots on the right of “New Shortcut”, and name the shortcut
  • Tap on the “Add to Home Screen”.
  • Input the name you want or the one you will remember for the shortcut
  • Tap on the “Add” option to save the changes.

The shortcut should now be available on the home screen, and you can use it to open the website directly in Google Chrome browser.


Bookmarking is a very significant feature in every browser.  We use it to save pages we might not remember later, as well as the ones we want to keep within our reach for fast navigation. They help us reduce the time consumption when looking for something we had already encountered in the past search.

Managing them is also very important, as we may end up with several bookmarks on the browser. We might want to access them from another browser, or we want to sort them, delete them or move them to another folder.

The above tips are very important, and maybe you should give a try to each, depending on the scenario you find yourself to benefit from.

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