Samsung Internet for Android: Features Explained


Samsung Internet browser comes pre-installed and as default browsers in all Samsung Phones. Is it any good? Here are all the features.


Samsung browser homepage has a powerful Google search engine as its default webpage. You can also still change the default search engine to the one of your preferences.

Samsung Internet for Android Overview 1

Down below, it has multiple options such as bookmarks, tabs, back page, Home and next page button. Samsung Internet also allows the user to place shortcuts to their favorite websites on the homepage.

As a result, the user doesn’t have to type in the site’s address every time they want to visit a particular favourite site.

Samsung Internet Settings

Samsung browser is the default browser of all Samsung devices, but thankfully you don’t have to go to system settings to change browser settings.

Samsung Internet is way more customizable and user-friendly than Google Chrome. It has a toolbar at the bottom of the screen with customizable buttons, which makes interacting with the browser much easier.

Samsung Internet for Android Overview 2

The functionality will make browsing the web a lot easier on tall phones like Galaxy S-series Ultra phones.

To move the address bar to the bottom of the screen, open the Samsung Internet app and head over to Settings > Layout and Menu > Address bar position.


The latter novelty comes in the form of a hideable status bar on pretty much all contemporary Galaxy devices. Once enabled from Settings > Appearance, the behavior is automated and will hide the mobile browser’s status bar whenever you start scrolling down on a page. Likewise, the tray will return once you begin moving in the upward direction.

Samsung Internet for Android Overview 4

In addition, you can hide your phone’s status bar when scrolling web pages to get a bit more screen estate and shift the position of the address bar to the bottom for easier one-handed use.

But if you’d rather have the address bar at the top, you can set the browser to show a tab bar—imitating the UI of a desktop browser.

Browser Speed

The Chromium web engine enables the browser to surf the internet with the fastest possible speed, making the browsing experience similar to Google Chrome.

Chromium has the reputation of high-speed surfing, and with Samsung using it, it leaves no doubt of any slow web experience. This can only be hindered with the availability of RAM on the individual’s phone.

Privacy and Security

Samsung has also introduced a new privacy-focused feature with the new update, which prioritizes HTTPS connections over HTTP.

Samsung Internet for Android Overview 3

It has also allowed the introduction of a privacy-focused and secure search engine, such as the duck-duck-go, as an available alternative search engine.

Multiple Tabs

Samsung Internet also supports swiping across the URL panel to switch tabs. You can switch between tabs by swiping on the top bar, and also available in the bottom bar

Quick Menu

The menu provides users fast access to important links and features. It gives you quick access to certain functionalities including opening new tabs, modifying text size, and sharing content.

Samsung Internet for Android Overview 9

Tip: You can also change these toggles according to your preference, by holding these toggles until a new settings menu opens.

History, Downloads, Bookmarks, and More

Samsung Internet Browser has bookmark support along with active sync support. So no matter which device you use, your bookmarks are always with you. It also comes with the History option, and Downloads, which can easily be accessed on the same pop-up menu.

Useful Features

Samsung Internet for Android Overview 5

These include features like;

  • QR code scanner that adds a QR code button to the address bar to quickly scan QR codes. The feature is turned off by default, but you can enable it by opening up “Extensions” and then tapping on “Scan QR code.
  • Video assistant to view a video in a pop-up player, view it on the TV or full screen it
  •  Autoplay videos option,
  • And, a Scroll bar option to position it wherever the user chooses.

Screenshot option

When you take a screenshot in Samsung Internet, it gives you the option to go to the tabs you had open in that screenshot. This is a useful feature for fast navigation through the web pages.

Sync and Accounts

You can enable Samsung Internet to sync with Firefox via the ‘accounts’ menu in the phone.

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on accounts and backup
  • Click on “Accounts”, then “Add account
  • Toggle on ‘Firefox Account’, option
  • Then, enable Syncing on Sync account, once it is added.

Add-Ons and Ad blockers

To install ad-blockers directly on the browser, navigate to the play store first. They will be installed just like normal Android applications and will be used just like legacy Samsung Internet features so that the users who are not familiar with desktop extensions can use them easily.

360˚ Video Support and Gear VR

The Samsung browser supports 360˚ videos, which are used for Virtual Reality sets. You can also watch it and navigate through the video using your finger. The browser also provides VR support, which means that you can control your browser surf and much more in VR while wearing a headset.

Find on Page

This option allows their user to search for specific keywords or phrases on the webpages. The feature will highlight relevant keywords accordingly, making it a vital feature when searching for a particular answer.

Dark Mode and reading mode

Samsung Internet darkens as much of your screen as possible and even makes some elements on select websites turn pitch black. This helps consume less battery life for longer web surfing.

The user can adjust the brightness of dark mode directly, and the Internet dark mode can be used separately without turning on the system dark mode.

High contrast mode

The ‘high contrast mode’ feature keeps in mind the needs of the visually impaired users. The browser modifies the original colors of the webpage to allow maximum contrast between the foreground and background elements displayed.

Samsung Internet for Android Overview 6

To Enable High Contrast Mode;

  • Go to More Menu > Internet settings > High contrast mode > Toggle to enable the switch.

Secret Mode

Samsung Internet “Secret mode” lets you browse in private without leaving any traces in your browsing history.

Samsung Internet for Android Overview 7

Any web page bookmarked or saved in Secret mode will only appear when Secret mode is enabled while the browsing history, cookies, cache, ID/password will be wiped out as soon as you exit the Secret mode.

To enable Secret mode,

  • Tap the “Tabs” button in the toolbar of the browser.
  • Next, tap the aptly labelled “Turn on Secret mode” to launch the Secret mode window.
  • Once done browsing privately, tap the “Tabs” icon again and tap “Turn off Secret mode”.
  • Alternatively, you can launch Secret mode by long-pressing Samsung Internet Browser icon and selecting “New secret tab” from the pop-up menu

Ultra-Power Saving

The Ultra Power Saving mode extends the battery life. When enabled, the mode to minimize the running processes work within the Samsung Internet browser makes your battery last longer.

Web Payments and Web Apps Indication Badge

With the new web Payment API provides the same safe environment as any highly secured online bank account. The browser automatically indicates a badge if you visit any Progressive Web app site. If you do regular work on any Web App, you are guaranteed to get the best web app experience on the Samsung Internet.


Users can update Samsung Internet Browser to the latest version and start using all these exciting features. There are also some useful new buttons that can be added to the menu or to the menu bar, which include:

  • New Tab Button
  • Quick enter ‘Secret Mode’
  • Quick Exit, with optional clear all History & Cookies.
  • Temporarily disable Ad-Blockers
  • Search, lets you focus on the address bar without needing to change hand position.

Samsung Internet is way more user-friendly, customizable, and has loads of useful features to improve your web surfing experience. Its biggest weakness, however, is that it’s only available on Android.

You can also have both Samsung Internet and its newest beta release on your device at once. This is because the beta version normally has more features but the content-packed app update doesn’t normally take more than a couple of weeks until it starts rolling out to the stable channel.

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